Chess Malt White Pawn - A2

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Ny aftapning i The Chess Malt Collection®, denne aftapning er White Pawn - A2.
White Pawn - A2 er en 30 år gammel aftapning fra Tormore Distillery.

Tormore er fra december 1988, aftappet ved fadstyrke på 51,4% og har ligget på et hogshead og det er der kommet 183 flasker ud af.

White Pawn - A2 vil være at finde i handlen fra den 3. maj 2019.

Noter (The Chess Malt Collection®):

Appearance: The color of this Single Malt has been developed over more than 30 years in a American oak cask and it appears with a beautiful yellow color almost like an old Sauternes.

Nose: The nose is very fruity with notes of citrus, coconut, caramel and lots of vanilla. After a few minutes in the glass more exotic fruit characters like pineapples and banana are coming through.

Palate: A very soft and sweet Speyside Single Malt with notes of wood after many years in cask. The Cask Strength of 51.4% alcohol is not really something you will notice. The whisky is pleasant on the palate and it is really a classic Speyside with lots of honey aromas and sweetness from the wood.

Finish: The finish is long and pleasant with slightly spicy aromas with malty aromas and white peppers. What a dram! It’s so “old-school-great” that all your senses will call for another straight away.

Kilde: Chess Malt