Balvenie The Edge of Burnhead Wood

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Balvenie er kommet med endnu en aftapning i serien The Balvenie Stories , se tidligere aftapninger her.

Der er tale om en 19 års Balvenie der har navnet The edge of Burnhead wood. På dette sted er der et lyng område som tidligere estate manager, Dave Steward samlede noget af det og tog med tilbage til destilleriet.

"Dave took the heather to the maltings where it was stored and dried, ready for Robbie Gormley to use in the kiln. Robbie remembers how things did not work out as planned the first time. “We threw the dried heather on top of the red hot coals and the whole lot just went up in flames and disappeared with a whoosh.” For the second go, Robbie dampened the heather, placed black coals on top of the red hot ones, and layered up the damp heather with dry heather on top. This time it worked, and a plume of blue grey smoke billowed up from the kiln and out of the pagoda across the distillery."

Noter (Balvenie):

Nose: Lively and vibrant, this balvenie has notes of fig And geranium oil perfectly balanced with fresh herbal undertones reminiscent of green woodland.

Taste: Flavours of honey, cloves and caramelised baked dates are layered on top of delicate citrus and spice. The Sweetness reveals an underlying oaky dryness.

Finish: Lingering, oaky, dried blossom.

Kilde: Balvenie