Springbank Sherry Wood serie

Springbank har planlagt 5 aftapninger i en serie med navnet Sherry Wood.
Den første der er aftappet er en 10 års PX sherry wood aftapning på 55%
Det er ikke en fuld PX lagering. De første 7 år har det ligget på bourbon fade og de sidste 3 i friske Pedro Ximenez casks.

Noter (Springbank):

Nose: An unmistakable Sherry influence presents itself from the beginning, with rich notes of date syrup and raisins kicking off this full-bodied dram.

Palate: A tannic, spicy element is introduced in the palate, along with notes of cola cubes, cherry menthol, cinnamon and caramel. The typical Springbank characteristics hold their own against the heavy PX influence in an apparent oiliness and damp, dunnage note.

Finish: The tannic element continues through to the finish, and PX qualities come to the forefront in notes of sultanas and rich spices.

Kilde: Springbank

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