Duncan Taylor Macallan 52yo

I 1969 blev dette fad fyldt hos Macallan og lå hos Macallan i 40 år inden det blev flyttet til Duncan Taylors warehouse i Huntly.
Fadet er nu aftappet og flasken har designet ud fra en 'Dirk' som er en skotsk dolk.

Euan Shand siger: "I feel it is a privilege to be the custodian of these stunning rare Macallan casks. Originally filled back in 1969 it’s the start of an exciting chapter at Duncan Taylor as we plan to release more Macallan over time, as well as a selection of other rare malts from the 1960s."

Notes (Duncan Taylor):

Colour: Polished bronze.

Nose: Rich, dark chocolate with notes of overripe orange peel shining through. Hints of cinnamon and dusty spices, a touch of aniseed. Sweet wood and creamy vanilla.

Palate: Rich, toffee and demerara sugar abound. Caramel wafers, fruitiness is more subdued more reminiscent of under ripe fruits. Perfectly balanced, a little spice on the front of the tongue.

Finish: The maturation in American Oak shows a smoother, softer side to this whisky. A creamy sweeter more tropical flavoured whisky than the traditional aged sherry casks used by the distillery.

Pris: £75000,00 (ja den er go' nok)

Kilde: The Spirits Embassy

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