GlenAllachie 2012 Vintage Cuvée Wine Cask Finish.

Billy Walker har været igang med at sætte en ny aftapning sammen. Denne gang er det en Cuvée Wine Cask Finish
Cuvée er denne gang benyttet i forbindelse med: “by combining single malt matured in wine casks from multiple wineries.”

Aftapningen har først ligget på ex-Bourbon barrels og derefter i mere end 20 måneder på forskellige wine barriques.
"The Languedoc casks are said to impart notes of “red fruits, sweet spices and garden herbs”; whilst the Recioto Della Valpolicella, produced in Verona, Italy, contributes “ripe cherries, coconut shavings, liquorice and raspberry coulis”; and the Premier Cru Classé wood brings “blackcurrant, espresso coffee and wild truffle” to the table."

Billy Walker udtaler: “As an impassioned wine enthusiast, devising a Cuvée has been nothing short of a dream project. I’m fortunate to have longstanding relationships with premium wine producers across Europe which has opened doors for us to create a whisky with intricate charm.

As a blender at heart, identifying wine styles that would sit well together and capture distinctive qualities presented an enjoyable challenge. They say, ‘never mix grape and grain’, but I say this marriage is a match made in heaven.”

Noter (GlenAllachie):

Colour: Golden Bronze.

Nose: Bursting with orange blossom, espresso, maraschino cherries and honeysuckle, with hints of candied stone fruits, hazelnuts, lavender and cinnamon.

Taste: Waves of dark chocolate, redcurrants and burnt coffee beans, followed by crystalised almonds, blackberries and orange zest, with ginger and liquorice on the finish.

The GlenAllachie 2012 Vintage Cuvée Wine Cask Finish er aftappet ved 48% og koster £56,00

Kilde: GlenAllachie

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