Nye aftapninger fra Whisky Agency

10 years 2 months ago #21411 by Duffer
Whisky Agency har netop udsendt en ny liste

Our 6th series "Insects": http://www.whisky-agency.com/sites/prod ... sects.html
-Clynelish 1989 ex-bourbon
-Lochside 1981 ex-bourbon
-Miltonduff 1980 ex-bourbon
-Glen Grant 1973 ex-sherry

The latest "Perfect Dram" - additions: http://www.whisky-agency.com/sites/products_tpd.html
-Linkwood 1973 ex-bourbon
-"A Speyside" 1969 ex-bourbon

"Private Stock" design: http://www.whisky-agency.com/sites/prod ... stock.html
-Clynelish 1972 sherry wood
-Bunnahabhain 1967 sherry wood


"A fool and his money are soon parted"

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