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Highland Park
Aged 14 Years
Distilled September 1997
Finished in a Pedro Ximenez cask
51.9% Cask 6255

Nose: Rich stewed fruits. Sherry. Oily and thick. Orange zest.
Palate: Sweet and rich. The oak is soft and fruity with a real tang.
Finish: Long hot finish with rich oak and fruitiness.

Glen Ord
Aged 14 Years
Distilled April 1997
Finished in an American Oak cask
60% Cask 81

Nose: Heavy spice and truffle flavours. Shortbread. Peppery
Palate: Again rich spice, vanilla and truffles. Sugary.
Finish: Powerful finish. Lots of vanilla and spicy oak.

Aged 10 Years
Distilled 13th March 2001
Finished in a Pedro Ximenez cask
56.2% cask 22

Nose: Toffee with rich spice. Fresh pine. Sweet oak.
Palate: Again sweet until the peat floods in - with oils and fruits.
Finish: Hot finish with an oily, peaty aftertaste.

Aged 9 Years
Distilled 20th August 2002
Finished in a Pedro Ximenez cask
59.5% cask 80

Nose: Rich syrup with custard flavours. Stewed berries in oak.
Palate: Sweet with treacle flavours. A hint of gunpowder and mustard.
Finish: Powerful and rich finish with sweet treacle flavours in the aftertaste.

Aged 13 Years
Distilled 7th October 1998
Finished in a Pedro Ximenez cask
55.4% cask 1930

Nose: Figs in syrup with rich oak and Sherry flavours.
Palate: Chewy and big in the mouth with plenty of heavy fruits and oak.
Finish: Long and superb finish with lots of fig and plum flavours.

Aged 14 Years
Distilled March 1997
Finished in a European Oak cask
53.4% Cask 1525

Nose: Rich caramel and toffee. Pine and oak. Banana syrup.
Palate: Sweet and oaky with soft fruits and caramel.
Finish: Sweet finish with a sweet oak aftertaste.

Kilde: David Stirk
Hjemmeside: http://www.creativewhisky.co.uk/

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