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"For the most part of the 17th and the 18th centuries Campbeltown was a smuggling centre, an occupation that was supported by the area's geography, topography.... and the local gentry. One famous story tells of an old woman living in the town who was up before the Sheriff for smuggling. She had been found guilty and before passing sentence the Sheriff told her "I dare say, my poor woman, it is not often you have been gulity of this fault" and the woman replied "Deed no Sheriff, I haena made a drap since yon wee rundlet I sent yoursel!"

Official Tasting Note
Colour: Russet
Nose: Honey, vanilla, chocolate, nougat, and toffee in abundance followed by hints of wholesome freshly ground nutmeg.
Palate: Creamy and rich as expected from the nose, with notes of chocolate covered honey comb mixed with pistachio and crushed almonds. Rich and oily from its maturation in small casks, it gives an impression of being older than its ten years.
Finish: The ground nutmeg is still evident on the finish but the creaminess outstays the spices to a long smooth and sweet finish. With water this dram develops an even sweeter finish, fruity and sugar candy, it becomes even smoother.

ABV - 49.4%
Cirka pris 48 £ (set op til 58 £)

**Despatch date mid February**

Kilde: SMD + Springbank

"A fool and his money are soon parted"

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