Walkerburn destilleri

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Nyt projekt i Lowland syd for Edinburgh. 100.000 liter om året.

Der er lige en lille men, der skal findes 5 mio. £. Dem der står bag laver i dag blended whisky The Tweeddale Blend. tweeddalewhisky.com/

Referat fra byrådsmødet i Walkerburn byråd:

"ITEM 1: Chairman’s Introduction. The Chairman welcomed everyone and introduced
Mr Alasdair Day, Stonedean Ltd, and Mr Chris Duncan, Mill Design, who were going to
explain the plans for the Borders Distillery Company in Walkerburn. Mr Day explained
that his company produced a quality blended whisky called The Tweeddale Blend, from
recipes first used by his own grandfather. This whisky was the current Aldi Whisky of the
month and was becoming a choice for many whisky drinkers. He went on to describe the
recent upturn in distilling in Scotland linked to using distilleries as tourist attractions. He
explained that he had been looking for some time at the possibility of setting up his own
Borders Distillery Company and had become attracted to the Caberston Farm Steading
as a possible site. He had now spoken to the owner and to the owner of the old Mill site
since he believed there was the possibility of using both sites. Mr Duncan then spoke
briefly about possible design plans including the re-installation of a mill wheel to provide
power and to add to the tourism attraction. Members generally supported the ideas
being expressed and the Chairman wished Mr Day well as he attempted to develop a
business plan and to raise finance."

Er nogen interesseret har jeg invitation til prospektet.


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Og den helt korrekte hjemmeside er


Den bedste dram er den næste dram!

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