Gordon & MacPhail Rare Vintage Collection Strathisla

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I følge Forbes.com kan man læse at Gordon & MacPhail kommer med en Rare Vintage Collection fra Strathisla Distillery. Der er tale om sæt på seks flasker fra år 1954 til 1972. I alt 303 år aftappet på flaske.

Der kommer 75 sæt til en pris af £9950 pr. sæt. Indholdet er følgende:

Vintage 1954, 59 YO, 43% alc

Cask 907, first fill sherry butt, distilled May 20, 1954, bottled June 3, 2013. 239 bottles released.

The whisky has a deep, rich mahogany color. This is a classic sherried Strathisla malt with aromas of fruitcake, red fruits, beeswax and floral notes. This is a full-bodied whisky, with the palate weight and creamy texture typical of sherry matured malts. The palate features additional notes of ripe oranges, cooked rhubarb, dark chocolate and white pepper spiciness. The finish is exceptionally long, with a touch of cigar ash on the end.

Vintage 1957, 55 YO, 43% alc

Cask 1719, first fill sherry butt, distilled November 1, 1957, bottled June 3, 2013. 364 bottles released.

A sherry butt matured whisky exhibiting a golden amber color. On the nose, there are red and black fruits, especially blackberry and black currant, along with hints of spearmint. The palate features fresh black pepper, orange zest, grapefruit pith, aniseed and cinnamon notes. This is a full-bodied malt, featuring the weight and viscosity typical of ultra-aged sherried whiskies.

Vintage 1960, 53 YO, 43% alc

Cask 2539, first fill sherry butt, Cask 2555, first fill sherry hogshead, Cask 2581, refill American hogshead, distilled November 22, 1960, bottled June 12, 2014. 498 bottles released.

A classic sherried whisky with aromas and flavors of cooked prunes, raisins, cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon. A rich mahogany colored whisky bursting with flavors of rum and molasses, along with orange zest, allspice, tobacco and hints of charred oak on the finish.

Vintage 1963, 48 YO, 43% alc

Casks 565 & 566, first fill sherry butts, distilled February 21, 1963, bottled March 1, 2011. 1,231 bottles released.

This is a full-bodied dark amber single malt featuring aromas of warm apple cider, molasses and cinnamon. On the palate, there are cooked golden and dark raisins, with dark chocolate, aged leather and hints of chili spice. The finish is long, sweet, with a creamy mouth filling texture.

Vintage 1964, 48 YO, 43% alc

Cask 3532, first fill sherry butt, distilled December 5, 1964, bottled April 23, 2013. 492 bottles released.

A classic sherry nose of prunes, raisins and tobacco, accompanied by hints of sweet marzipan. On the palate, the rich mahogany colored whisky offers dark, rum soaked fruitcake, featuring almonds, candied orange and grapefruit peel. The finish is particularly long, featuring rich coffee and dark chocolate flavors.

Vintage 1972, 40 YO, 43% alc

Cask 503270, refill sherry butt, Cask 8518, first fill sherry hogshead, distilled on December 25, 1972, bottled June 4, 2013. 921 bottles released.

What better single malt for a Christmas day! This is a rich dark, full-bodied dram. On the nose, there are notes of toasted oak, followed by rum, raisins and caramel. The palate features dark chocolate, strawberries, stewed apricot, along with hazelnut notes. The finish is fruity, with flavors of white pepper.

Kilde: forbes.com

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