Master of Distilling - The Man with the Golden Glass

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Arran frigiver i morgen en 12 år aftapning for fejre deres Master Distiller James MacTaggart.
Aftapningen er frembragt af Master Distiller James MacTaggart selv og kommer fra udvalgte Palo Cortado Sherry Casks.
Der kommer 12000 flasker af denne, aftappet ved 51,8%

Noter (Arran):

NOSE: Bright and mouth-watering; Seville orange marmalade, peaches and mango freshness are followed by the warmth of root ginger and a waft of drying grass and gorse bushes.

PALATE: Rich in chocolate orange, quince jelly and the zest of citrus fruits. The subtle tang of yeasty, buttered sourdough and a kick of rock salt come through as the Palo Cortado cask displays its influence.

FINISH: Cider apples accentuate Arran house style before the warmth of ginger returns alongside a rich impression of these exceptional sherry casks.

Pris: £74.99

Kilde: Arran

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