GlenAllachie single casks batch 3

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GlenAllachie kommer med deres tredie batch af single cask aftapninger, der denne gang består af 5 single casks.
Batch 3 er udelukkende til markedet i UK.

Billy Walker siger: "It’s an incredibly exciting time for The GlenAllachie. A lot has happened and changed since we took over exactly two years ago – from opening our new visitor centre to winning the Scottish Whisky Distillery Of The Year award last month.

One thing that hasn’t changed however is our dedication to selecting the finest casks from the stocks we’re fortunate to have in our warehouses and using our passion for wood management to bring whisky fans truly exceptional releases.

Batch 3 of our Cask Strength series, and the new collection of five single casks, are wonderful examples of the exceptional whisky that can be found among our 50,000 casks."

Følgende fade er udvalgt og aftappet:

2008 Cask #586 – 57.3%, 10yo Marsala Hogshead. 283 bottles available.

2007 Cask #3767 – 60.8%, 12yo Madeira Hogshead. 289 bottles available.

2006 Cask #6580 – 60.1%, 13yo PX Hogshead. 323 bottles available.

2004 Cask #6213 – 56.7%, 15yo Oloroso Puncheon. 354 bottles available.

2001 Cask #4152 – 55.1%, 18yo PX Hogshead. 307 bottles available.

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