Arran Kildonan & Pladda Island

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The Arran Malt er kommet med The Explorers’ Series Vol III- Kildonan & Pladda Island. 9000 flasker er produceret, aftappet ved 50,4% og har ligget 21 år på fad. Den er lageret på sherry butts og puncheons inden den er afsluttet på ruby port pipes.

Den første i serien The Explorers var Brodick Bay
Anden aftapning serien var Lochranza Castle

"The picturesque village of Kildonan is situated on the southern coast of the Isle of Arran, with the small pear-shaped island of Pladda, just 1km from the coastline. The privately-owned island is home to Pladda lighthouse which was designed by Thomas Smith and is still active today. Established in 1790, the
lighthouse has a commanding position at the southern end of the island. The stunning view of Pladda can be seen clearly from Kildonan which is home to Silver Sands, one of the most beautiful beaches on Arran. Kildonan also boasts a castle which along with Lochranza Castle and Brodick Castle were important fortresses guarding Arran’s strategically important position in the approaches to the Firth of Clyde."

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