Ardbeg Hypernova

The smokiest Ardbeg ever..

Committee medlemmer har nu mulighed for at erhverve sig sig den mest røgede Ardbeg til dato. Hypernova er afløseren til Supernova der kom år tilbage.

"Possibly the smokiest dram in the world (this one at least), Hypernova possesses a malty magnitude never before experienced. This is a brutally smoky dram that radiates flavour in every direction. HN22 can only be categorised as a truly cataclysmic event for the Distillery. It’s big, it’s powerful, and it’s pulling palates into a whole new dimension.

Propel your palate at full force towards powerful notes of tar, creosote and soot. Tumble further into the glass and explore ethereal whispers of aniseed, smoke and dark chocolate. Bitter almonds and smoked lavender fuse with curious hints of plasticine and burnt rubber, with a finish that collapses in on itself."

Hypernova er aftappet ved 51%
Pris £185

Noter (Ardbeg):

Nose: Powerful, pungent and almost brutal in its intensity, waves of tar, smoke, sea salt and an almost ‘barnyard’ aroma in fill the void. Ethereal whispers of fruit, reminiscent of flowering blackcurrants, float into bold bursts of peppermint. Water releases a flurry of more rounded top notes, with a touch of lavender and a slightly chocolaty sensation, before finally arriving at curious hints of plasticine and burnt rubber.

Taste: An explosive, peppery mouthfeel launches the palate into a most bizarre juxtaposition of flavours – sweet chocolate, cooling mint, pungent peat smoke, bitter almonds, and then an infinitely long, lingering burst of spices like aniseed and clove.

Finish: Descend into a finish that collapses in on itself with enormous, heavy smoke. Before returning to earthy notes of roasted coffee and smoked heather.

Kilde: Ardbeg

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