Old Pulteney Port

Old Pulteney Port er den næste aftapning i serien The Coastal Series. Aftapningen har først ligget på American Oak ud for Caithness Coast, og derefter flyttet over på både Ruby Port Pipes og Ruby Port Barriques.

Port er aftappet ved 46%

Noter (Old Pulteney):

Aroma: Rich sultana sweetness with vanilla and buttery notes, candied orange peel and hints of gingerbread. Undertones of cherries, marzipan and dark chocolate add depth and balance.

Taste: Sweet and spicy with notes of baked apples, caramelised sugar and cinnamon swirl pastries. Opens up further with vanilla custard, a touch of rose water and The Maritime Malt’s signature minerality. The taste continues into delicate and fruity notes, warming spices and plum jam sweetness.

Pris: £76,00

Kilde: Old Pulteney


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