Laphroaig The Archive Collection 36yo

Laphroaig er kommet med en ny serie, der har fået navnet The Archive Collection.
Aftapningen har ligget på american oak casks og afsluttet på sherry-seasoned oloroso hogshead.
Der er aftappet 400 flasker af denne 36 års Laphroaig.

Laphroaig skriver selv hvad der sker med deres whisky når det bliver ældre:
Laphroaig whiskies of this age tend to go through a ‘change curve’ of flavours, according to Distillery Manager Barry MacAffer. First come the red fruits in its teenage years, then tropical fruit flavours push the peat smoke to take a backseat in the twenties. By the time the liquid reaches its thirties, the fruity flavours from the ex-bourbon casks have really come into their own, and the smoky, peaty notes begin to come out of retirement.

As one of our oldest releases yet, The Archive Collection 36 Year Old is full-flavoured and peaty with a salty edge. Its maturation happens in American Oak casks, with finishing in a second fill Oloroso hogshead adding layers and layers of subtle, complex depths. This whisky has a powerful character, but gradually unveils a surprisingly fruity flavour beneath our signature style with tropical fruit notes topped with dark toffee and sweet vanilla.

Distillery Manager Barry MacAffer could hardly contain his excitement at getting to taste this first release from The Archive Collection for the first time. This 36 year old is a striking and refined tasting experience, with its sherry seasoning making for a hearty, rich depth of flavour then, in Barry’s words, “right at the end the peat smoke reminds you - it’s Laphroaig“.

Noter (Laphroaig):
Nose: Honey sweet with hints of white peach and mango, followed by creamy dark toffee, vanilla and cedar wood, then subtle oil of wintergreen and notes of singed sage and liquorice root
Palate: Zesty and sweet with orange and tropical fruit, mouth coating initially then moving to mouth drying
Finish: Warm and lingering to finish which brings out the peat in the mouth and the salt on the lips

Kilde: Laphroaig

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